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We are a team of experienced hospitality professionals that develop restaurant and bar projects.


Aric Sandoval

Aric is a veteran general manager with 35 years of experience throughout the United States opening and managing various restaurant concepts and levels of service in San Francisco, Denver, Lou- isville, Albuquerque, Cody, WY, and Washington, DC. In addition to Aric’s experience in service and hospitality, his accreditations include the Level One Sommelier and Bourbon Steward.

Hudson Tang

Hudson Tang

Hudson has been in the hospitality industry since 2008. He specializes in developing and executing food and beverage concepts. He has owned, opened, and operated a wide array of concepts, including an English pub, fine dining steakhouse, beverage catering, performing arts theatre bar and café, farm-to-table, specialty grocery store, and a deep dish pizzeria. Hudson travels the world taking the best cuisines and concepts to implement in new locales with ideal product-market fit.

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